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Sports in Mongolia – Birthplace of Chultem Naidam!

Sports in Mongolia – Birthplace of Chultem Naidam!

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Chultem Naidam

Did you know- By 1964, Mongolia’s athlete Chultem Naidam was the flag-bearer for the nation’s first Olympic delegation in the Games of the XVIII Olympiad in Tokyo (Japan).

Moscow 1980

Did you know- At the XXII Olympiad in the USSR, between July 19 and August 13, 1980,Mongolia – an ex Communist nation in Asia- picked up a total of four medals ( two silver and two bronze) and took 27th place in team standings. With the support from the Soviet Union, Mongolia -most sparsely populated nation on Earth– sent many athletes to the 1980 Olympics. At the previous Summer Games in Montreal (Canada), between July 17 and August 1 19, the national team finished 34th in the medal count, ahead of Brazil, Argentina, Greece, Austria, and Thailand.

Eveguine Oidov

Did you know- Wrestling is one of the nation’s most popular sports. Its greatest triumph came at the 1974 World Championships in Katowice (Poland), where the country’s wrestler Eveguine Oidov – a national idol– earned a gold medal; the first world title in the history of Mongolian sport.

Los Angeles 1984

Did you know- Under the pressure from the USSR, the Olympic team of Mongolia did not participate in the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles, California (USA). Four years later, unlike Cuba, Ethiopia and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the National Olympic Committee sent athletes to the 1988 Summer Olympics in South Korea, an anti-Communist country in Asia. In South Korea, Mongolia finished 51st in the medal count.

Barcelona 1992

Did you know- A 33-member team from Mongolia participated in the Games of the XXV Olympiad in the Spanish city of Barcelona, between July 25 and August 9, 1992. The Asian country competed in seven sports: archery, athletics, boxing, cycling, judo, weightlifting, and wrestling. In Spain, the Asian team won two bronze medals and took 52nd place in unofficial team championships, among 173 nations and dependencies.

Atlanta 1996

Did you know- At the 26th Olympiad in the United States, between July 19 and August 4, 1996, the nation’s judoka Dorjpalam Narmandakh won a bronze medal and thanks to this Mongolia finished 71st in the medal count.

Athens 2004

Did you know- At the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece, the country’s judoka Khashbaatar Tsagaanbaatar earned a bronze medal. The nation had not won an Olympic medal since 1996.

Asian Games

Did you know- During the 2006 Asian Games, the Mongolian team finished 21st in unofficial team standings.

Beijing 2008

Did you know- At the 2008 Summer Games in the People’s Republic of China, Naidan Tuvshinbayer became the first Mongolian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal when he came in first place in the men’s 100kg judo.


Did you know- In the early 70s, the men’s volleyball squad qualified for the first time to FIVB World Cup.