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Swiss Watch Company Tissot Says Goodbye To PR50

Swiss Watch Company Tissot Says Goodbye To PR50

2010 has been a year of change. The first coalition government was formed in the UK for over 50 years, a volcano closed European airspace for 6 days and Britain apparently officially clawed its way out of the longest recession since the depression.

It has also been a year of change for Tissot watches. Tissot have built their reputation on the quality and affordability of the watches they produce. This once classic watch brand has morphed into one of the leading sports watch brands in the market place. At the heart of this change has been the Tissot T-Touch range of watches. The tactile multi-functioning sports watch has created a niche in the market which has led to the growth of the Tissot brand in the UK and around the rest of the world. New generations of the T-Touch such as the T-Touch Expert and the Sea Touch have all spawned over the past year from the original Tissot T-Touch.

With such massive changes in brand image from a classic watch brand to a sports watch brand, there must be some casualties in the ranges of watches that Tissot make and this year the first casualty was announced by the watch giant. The PR50, one of the most beloved watches in the Tissot range for over 30 years now, is being fazed out of production. It was announced by Tissot at the Basel watch fair demonstrating that the Tissot company is serious about change for the brand. The PR50 has been a huge part of Tissot’s watch range for an incredible amount of years and over time, the PR50 has had facelift’s to keep up with technological advancements and fashion changes. The PR50, as a watch range, catered for everyone from those who simply wanted a classic plain watch, to others who wanted specialist analogue sports watches. With 58 watches in the range it was possible for everyone to find a watch that they were looking for. Some of Tissot’s most popular watches came from the PR50 range such as; the PR50 Nascar and the Men’s PR50 Seven digital analogue crossover watch.

But wait a moment, before you go out and try to buy up the world’s remaining supply of PR50, watches Tissot have only signalled the end of the classic PR50 or the basic model PR50, the Nascar and PR50 Seven. However, this doesn’t mean that the rest of the Tissot PR50 series are safe from the axe, it just means that they have avoided this for the time being. So for those who are still biding their time to buy themselves a classic starter model PR50, you better be quick because they won’t be around for much longer. Despite this loss, Tissot has launched a new replacement for the PR50; the new PR100 which owes much of its looks to its predecessor the PR50. The PR100 though has a much higher specification than the PR50 and it is easy to see why Tissot have decided to cancel the PR50 once people see the new PR100 model. The PR100 has a much larger dial, a new 100 meter water resistance and a much changed bracelet which is sure to make people want to upgrade from the old PR50 to the new PR100.

It is sad to see the end of the PR50 but with the new PR100 it is easy to see why it was time for Tissot to move on from an old favourite and embrace the new generation of Tissot’s classic style.