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The Many Uses For Fingerless Gloves

The Many Uses For Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves have many uses today. You might have the need to keep your hands warm. You might also need to use them. Ordinary gloves can be awkward and clumsy. Fingerless ones usually have the tips open for the fingertips. They may only have partial fingers. They may have full fingers with just the tips removed. This gives you the dexterity that you need. At the same time, your hands can stay warm. Here are some uses that you may find them in.

Motorcycles: Motorcycle riders face cool conditions frequently. The speed of travel and wind resistance can freeze the hands easily. Using gloves with fingertips exposed, helps the cyclist maintain perfect control. The hands can keep warm also.

Weightlifting: Weightlifting gloves will not usually have fingers. The fingers may be partial. It is very important to maintain proper grip at all times. Warmth is not the factor. Gloves also help to keep from forming blisters on the hands. It also makes the bare metal of the weight bars easier on the skin.

MMA sports: Mixed martial arts fighting is very popular today. The fighters need protection on their hands for striking and punching. They also need the use of their fingers for wrestling and submission holds. They use special gloves that are heavily padded. They also have the fingers open.

Winter activities: Often times it can be cool indoors in the winter. Maybe your home is not insulated properly. Maybe you wish to conserve energy and keep the thermostat low. In the cold, the extremities are the first to feel it. Circulation is slowed and reserved for the torso. That is why your hands and feet will feel cold. You may feel cold while sitting at your computer. If you wear gloves, your hands can stay warm. However, you need your fingers to use the keyboard. These types of gloves work perfectly for that purpose.

Archery: Bow hunters have a special need for gloves like this. Whether it is practice or actual hunting, they need the use of their fingertips. However, bowstrings can be very hard on the hands. Anything that is of small diameter and under a lot of pressure can present a hazard to human skin.

Gardening: Gloves without fingers are very good for outdoor work. It gives you better control over what you are doing. You may be driving your riding mower. You may be pushing your lawn mower. The right gloves will protect your hands and make it easier to do your work.

Fashion: For years, gloves without fingers have been a fashion statement.

Driving: Driving gloves without fingers allow for maximum control. Winter driving can be particularly hazardous. You need your hands warm and you need to be prepared for changing conditions. Driving gloves without fingers are well suited for this purpose.


There are many uses for fingerless gloves. They keep the hands warm and protect them. They also afford you the dexterity that you may need. They may also be considered a fashion statement, at times.