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The New Orleans Saints Plan a 2009 March to Victory

The New Orleans Saints Plan a 2009 March to Victory

The Louisiana Superdome is home to the Saints and they have played in this magnificent stadium since 1975. More people became familiar with this massive structure when it was used to shelter Katrina storm victims. The Superdome held through the massive hurricane, but suffered severe damage. In 2005 the Saints played their home games at Giants Stadium, the Alamodome and they also played at LSU’s Tiger Stadium. In 2006 the Superdome reopened after undergoing a renovation that cost almost $200 million dollars. There was a surge in the demand for New Orleans Saints tickets and the first 2006 game was played in front of a sell out crowd. The national audience was able to check out the Superdome on television as they watched the Saints destroy the Atlanta Falcons team.

Review of the Franchise Past for the New Orleans Saints

Louisiana is the home of the New Orleans Saints football team. This group of players is based in the state capitol and is part of the Southern Division of the National Football Conference. The history of this franchise dates back to 1967 when they were a new expansion team to the NFL ranks.

David Dixon was responsible for the Louisiana Superdome, USFL and the New Orleans Saints team. The NFL was eager to have government approval for their desired merger with the AFL. When the NFL announced on All Saints Day in 1966 that they were giving New Orleans an NFL team franchise the Louisiana Congressman, Hale Boggs, spurred his Congressional brethren to approve the AFL-NFL merger.

The city quickly named their new team in honor of their musical anthem, “When the Saints Go Marching In”. The black and gold team colors symbolized the connection of New Orleans to the offshore oil industry. Famous musician Al Hirt became one of the team owners and it is his version of “When the Saint Go Marching In” that is the official song of the New Orleans Saints.

A Long Wait Is Rewarded with a Super Bowl Victory

The Saints had to wait for more than 10 years to post a .500 season, and for 20 years to have a winning season. 1987-1992 were the first years that this new football group achieved success. During this short 5 year span the New Orleans Saints reached the playoffs 4 times and had winning seasons each year. The Saints even defeated the powerful St Louis Rams in 2000 when the Rams were the reigning Super Bowl champs.

Fans Rise to the Occasion

The New Orleans Saints is among the five NFL teams that have not made it to the Super Bowl. In 2007 the Saints competed in the NFC Championship Game but they ended up losing to the Chicago Bears.

In both 2006 and 2007 the demand for New Orleans Saints tickets exceeded anyone’s expectations. Both years were sell outs even though the post Katrina effects had decreased the population of the city by almost 200, 000. The fans were eager to show that they still supported their team even in the worst of times.

The “Big Easy” Wants the Saints to be Part of the 2009 Super Bowl

2008 was the 42nd year that fans purchased New Orleans Saints tickets, and once again people were snagging the top selections early in the season. One reason for the early ticket push was because fans wanted to see the Saints in a post season game. It was anticipated that this team would better their 7-9 record of 2007. The Saints ended the 2008 year with a record of 8-8, but this would not qualify them for the playoffs. Now the 2009 season is almost here and the “Big Easy” team is hoping to impress fans and critics with their best showing ever.