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The Seven Great Benefits of Hand and Finger Exercisers

The Seven Great Benefits of Hand and Finger Exercisers

Did you ever try building up your hands or fingers?

If so, what methods did you use?

If you are like most people, you probably went out and purchased a stiff hand gripper and worked out with that. Or maybe you just squeezed a tennis ball.

These things can help you build a stronger grip, but they are less than ideal because they don’t build up all of your fingers equally.

As a result, they do little to enhance your grip control. And control is often more important than raw power.

And these methods do nothing to improve the agility, mobility and dexterity of your fingers or their ability to move independently. These finger skills are crucial for musicians. But how do you improve them?

Well, actually, there is a device that can improve your grip strength, your grip control, and your finger skills all at the same time.

It’s called a hand and finger exerciser.

A hand and finger exerciser is a hand-held exercise device that has four or five independent spring-loaded buttons or plungers that the fingers push down to exercise. On second-generation units, the resistance is adjustable on each plunger. This is a great feature that you definitely want to have.

So how does a hand and finger exerciser help you and why is it better than other types of hand exercise devices in most cases?

Here are the seven benefits that they offer:

Benefit #1: Each Finger Is Exercised Individually. This is what separates these devices from other hand exercisers. Their individual plungers ensure that each finger gets exercised and strengthened and that no finger gets left out. In addition, with the second generation units that have adjustable resistance, you can optimize the resistance on each plunger so that every finger gets the ideal workout every time.

Benefit #2: Finger Skills Are Improved. These skills include independent finger movement, finger dexterity, mobility, and agility. These skills are crucial for musicians and there is no other exerciser that is better at improving these skills.

Benefit #3: Finger Stamina Is Increased. This is important for both athletes and musicians. If your hands and fingers tire quickly, your performance is going to suffer.

Benefit #4: Finger Extension Exercises. These exercises are made possible by the newer 5-button devices and are critical for musicians. They strengthen the fingers for playing those difficult chords where the fingers are stretched far apart. This capability is unique to hand and finger exercisers.

Benefit #5: Trigger Finger Exercises. These exercises provide for a smooth finger action and a steady hand when shooting. They are great for target shooters and hunters.

Benefit #6: Wrists and Forearms Can Be Strengthened. By placing the unit upside down on a table and pressing down with the hand, they can be used to strengthen the wrists and forearms. This capability makes these devices extremely versatile.

Benefit #7: Great for Physical Therapy. These devices are great for rehabilitating from hand or finger injuries or surgeries and for those recovering from a stroke.

So, there you have it.

You now know the seven great benefits that hand and finger exercisers offer for strengthening and conditioning your hands and fingers. These devices are ideal for both athletes and musicians. And they are the best choice for most people.

So, don’t let your hands hold you back.

Get them into shape. And do it right.

Get the right tool for the job. And for most people, that means getting a hand and finger exerciser.