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Training to Jump Higher – Take Your Game to the Next Level With These Exercises

Training to Jump Higher – Take Your Game to the Next Level With These Exercises

Training to jump higher is something that any serious basketball player should be looking into. Being able to jump higher than your opponent give you the advantage in so many ways on the court.

You are not going to jump higher just by reading the training to jump higher exercises, you actually have to put forth hard work and determination.

I have here some exercises that can help you take your hops to the level of the pro’s(college or N.B.A.)

If you want to make your dreams become a reality and become that player that everyone envies and talks about listen up. Lets down to the training to jump higher exercises. Always remember to STRETCH before and after training.

EXERCISE 1 STEP UP: This is an awesome exercise for developing single leg jumping power.

  • this exercise is going to require something sturdy that you can use like a chair or a stool
  • with 1 leg on the stool have your thigh parallel to the floor, push down and thrust yourself high into the air as possible
  • while in the air switch legs and land with the opposite leg on the chair and thrust yourself high into air again, this is 1 rep
  • do 25 reps, 3 sets, with a 2 or 3 min break in between

EXERCISE 2 LEAP UPS: Are great for increasing your straight vertical jump, this exercise targets the muscle that are used for quick and explosive power

  • squat down into a half of a squat position this is half standing half squatting with your elbows bent slightly
  • elevate on the balls of your feet with your heels in the air and jump into the air 10 to 12 inches
  • when landing return to the original half squat and spring back into the air
  • try to keep your squats constant and the height of your jumps the same
  • you should be feeling the burn in your thighs if not bend a little lower after landing
  • 1 set is 25 jumps, do 3 sets, with 2 minute breaks in between