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Want To Know How To Get A Man To Want You More? Try Sexting (Even Women Mid Life Are Doing It!)

Want To Know How To Get A Man To Want You More? Try Sexting (Even Women Mid Life Are Doing It!)

It’s time to talk about how to flirt with a man you like and for women mid life to catch onto this sexy way to spice up their love lives!

You’ve probably learned how to flirt online with a man, thanks to emails and dating websites, but now it’s time to learn about SEXTING!

Think it’s just for teens or for ‘cougars’? Think again. A UK mobile phone company polled 2000 adults and found that 48% of women and 45% of men owned up to sending “illicit messages.” (as a woman mid life, I confess to being part of the 48%). It’s a great way of making men want you more but if you’ve done it or if you’re thinking of doing it, just remember: “every rose has its thorns”…

The PROs:

– Sexting can spice up your relationship and can be great foreplay.

– You don’t have to send photos (unless you want to!) – yet you can put your deepest, most erotic desires into writing.

– It’s a great alternative to phone sex for those who get tongue-tied… i.e. let your fingers do the walking.

– Sexting can be a great tease, and can help build up to a fantastic night together when you’re face to face.

– It can bring the romance back into your relationship. Michael Fiore, texting and relationship expert says the one surefire text you can send right now that is guaranteed to win him (or her) over is this: “You have no idea how much I love and appreciate having you in my life but I’m going to show you tonight!” (source: the Rachel Ray show)

– Sending racy photos means you can appeal to a man’s most primal, visual brain (aka his reptilian brain).

Having trouble getting started? Why not try some of these:

– “That tie you’re wearing? Let’s use it tonight.”

– “I’ve been thinking about you all day. It hasn’t been innocent.”

– “Meet me at my place in an hour. Clothing optional.”

– “Wish you were here… (with a PG-13 picture of your thigh or cleavage)”

– “Just went to the bathroom at the [bar/party/restaurant] and took off my underwear. One less thing for you to remove tonight… “

The CONs:

– How many times have you sent a text (or even email) to the wrong person? It just takes one wrong click. Fast fingers can make for some hilarious typos but also some really embarrassing explanations.

– You can’t be sure who is receiving your messages. Does he have a lock on his phone? Who knows how to access it? Does he have pop-up text notifications that would expose your messages to anybody nearby?

– Who knows how to access your phone? Can your kids gain access? Can your mother-in-law pick it up when it rings (thinking she’s helping you out)? Imagine having that conversation!

– You can never be sure that the man isn’t sharing your words and images with his buddies after a late night hockey game.

– Drunk sexting… Wow – really? I mean REALLY?? That is NEVER going to end well!

– 69% of mobile users have lost their phones at one point or another. Those are not good odds for you and your privacy! (The Huffington Post)

– The best but not the least; “revenge porn”. Yup. That’s a thing. Angry “exes” can send your pictures to online websites and you may never know. (Wall Street Journal)

Our guide to sexting DON’TS:

– Anything goes if you judge the mood right and what is appropriate for that point in your relationship. Sexting should be a build-up, not a shock tactic!

– Don’t forget to SPELL CHECK. You’ve all read the hilarious ‘autocorrects-gone-wrong’ online (and if you haven’t, just search Google). Don’t be one of them.

– Don’t go for anything too overtly kinky unless it’s something he has shown an interest in. You don’t want to send him running for the hills before you have even met him for the first, second, third, etc. date. Men are kinda funny about their women in dating. Be sure he doesn’t have Freud’s “Madonna – whore complex” before you start sending nude shots! (Wikipedia)

– Don’t use the anonymity of the phone to reveal secrets that you wouldn’t want made public – I mean really public.

– If you’re taking pictures, look at them before you send them and make sure you’re looking good – no guy wants to see that pimple or that you forgot to shave your legs! (or worse – remember the classic photos from university of the tampon string?) Please make sure the landscape is pristine and pruned!