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What Makes Earl Averill a Hall of Famer?

What Makes Earl Averill a Hall of Famer?

Many great baseball players made the game interesting and memorable. These athletes have made major contributions to the reason why many youngsters want to play the game. One of the baseball hall of famers who made such an impact is Howard Earl Averill. He was nicknamed, Rock.

Averill was born on May 21, 1902 at Snohomish, Washington. He played with the Boston Braves and Detroit Tigers. However, it was with the Cleveland Indians he stayed the longest. Here, he stayed for ten years.

He leads the Indians in many offensive stats including Runs Batted In, total bases, triples, and runs. He is also one of the top Indians in terms of doubles, hits, walks, and home runs. He also made an appearance in the All Stars six times over, from 1933 to 1938. Although this was the case, the Indians never got past the 3rd place when Averill was playing for the team.

He also made history in 1930 when he became the first player to have four homeruns in the doubleheader game. He wowed everyone when he made a homerun in his first major league in his debut in 1929.

He also had the best year in his career in 1936 when he topped in the American League in terms of hits. He made 232. He fell short and landed second in terms of batting. He followed Luke Appling at 0.388 while his was at 0.378. He also finished third in the MVP race that year.

After a decade with the team, the Indian traded him to the Detroit Tigers. Being with the Tigers was the closest he could get to the World Series. However, they lost it to the Cincinnati Reds. After his brief stay with the team, he played for the Boston Braves. This was the last team he played for before he retired.

His journey did not end after baseball. When he retired, he returned to Washington where he managed his own motel. This lasted for twenty years.
He ranked number fourteen of the best fifty center fielders of all times by the baseball page .com. His career was short but it was surely enough to give him a place in the Hall of Fame. His induction to the Hall of Fame took place in 1975.

What was amazing is that Averill started his major league career in his late twenties far older than the other hall of famers. Although he was relatively older, he still managed to make his fellow Cleveland Indians proud. His age did not stop him from competing with the much younger star players of other teams. His six appearances in the All Star reinforce that.

Ear Averill is one of the true inspirations in the baseball field. His career in the major league started when he was twenty-seven. Yet, it did not stop him from becoming one of the best Indian players of all time. He is also one of the best center fielders in the history of the league. This only proves to show that you are never too old to make your dreams happen.