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What You Should Bring on Your Trip

What You Should Bring on Your Trip

You have recently made the necessary arrangements to attend a live NASCAR race but this is your first time and you do not know what to bring on your trip. There are several items, like food and clothing, available at a number of NASCAR racetracks. Yet it is also important to be fully prepared for the trip.

Bringing food and drinks is important when entering the racetrack but be sure that you have eaten a full meal before attending a race. If you have friends with you, you may benefit from a tailgate party before the race. Items like snacks and drinks are always available at NASCAR races but you might be put off by the costs of them and so it may be a better option if you bring your own. Be sure that you only bring the amount you need since most NASCAR tracks only allow limited number of food, snacks, and drinks inside the gates.

Another item you need to bring is the appropriate clothing. Before going on a trip, be sure to check with the latest weather forecast. You do not want to dress casually and find out that the city is experiencing serious weather conditions. If there is a slight chance of raining, bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you. However, do not leave these items in your room but also bring them with you when you are going to the racetrack. Dress lightly if the weather forecast calls for a bright sunny day with warm temperatures. This kind of weather is also ideal for trips since it will not cause you to bring extra baggage. If you want to embody the NASCAR fever, there are NASCAR merchandises and shirts that you can buy once you have arrived at the NASCAR racetrack

Binoculars are also important. These items are ideal for seeing as much of the race as possible. Do not think that even if you have good seats, you do not need binoculars. Even if you are in a good seat, it may also be hard for you to see the rest of the action without a pair of binoculars. Also, you do not need to buy expensive ones; even those that are affordably priced are good enough.

Another item you might want to bring along is a camera. There is nothing like capturing the moment during a NASCAR event. If this is the first time you are going to attend such event, it is ideal to document the NASCAR experience. Many racetracks prohibit the use of camcorders during the race though it may be possible if you use a digital camera instead. Digital cameras produce the best quality photographs. You might not know it but there might be a moment when you get the chance to snap a photo of you with your favorite driver.

It is only recently that most NASCAR race attendees wore headphones. These headphones are actually scanners and allow them to listen to the two-way communication between the crew chief, spotter, and driver and sometimes between two drivers. When you are using a scanner at short tracks, three or four drivers might keep you busy but super speedway tracks allow you to pay attention to seven or eight drivers without being plagued. If you are planning to bring a scanner on your trip, you might often hear the word “clear”. The spotter says this word to inform the driver that there is no longer a car next to him. Other exciting messages you can hear are the strategy discussions such as: when to pit, who to pit with, who to draft with, when to lay back and when to press hard. Additionally, other fans use a scanner to listen to MRN broadcasts of the race. This is very helpful in giving you the right information about what is going on with the race and who is still leading. MRN broadcasters always talk about the most exciting actions that are happening in the race. If you cannot seem to see the actions yourself, listening to the broadcast would be very useful.

The last thing you need to bring with you is your excitement. Nothing beats the experience of attending a NASCAR race when you really enjoy it. Make sure that you have a lot of fun. This would also help you in commemorating the trip once you are back home.