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You Only Need to Know One Thing to Win at the Greyhound Track

You Only Need to Know One Thing to Win at the Greyhound Track

How many minutes or hours do you spend handicapping a greyhound race? How many factors do you consider? Everyone is different in their approach but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone is basically looking at the same thing. How do you gain an advantage when you are all working from the same information? What is one thing you can do to get the edge?

Have a “Home greyhound track.”

With online greyhound wagering being so popular now a lot of players have abandoned the concept of having a home track. If you look back a decade or more, most players actually went to a track to play. They knew the track, kennels, trainers and everything about the track. You could still play other tracks on the simulcast screens but you usually played every race at the home track and you paid attention to every detail.

My mentor played at Mobile greyhound park. I recall him telling me a story about matinee races and how the sun affected them. For two or sometimes three races in the afternoon the sun would be at an angle to shine directly into the greyhounds eyes down the front stretch. He had begun to pick up on this as well as certain greyhounds this seemed to affect. A few of those greyhounds were track favorites, they kind that almost always draw odds of less than 2-1. My friend noticed that the effect the sun had on the pups caused them to not even make the money most of the time if they drew this time slot. He capitalized on this for several months by handicapping the races as if these crowd favorites were not even in the race. I recall him telling me that he hit several “pool shots”, taking the entire trifecta pool.

My friend LJ knew “one thing.” And knowing one thing can make you profitable.

That example is an extreme example but it points out what you can do with information that no one else has. Learning things that nobody else knows is difficult. But knowing things that only a few know is easier. And these are things you don’t have to be a genius to discover.

How does rain affect the track in general?

How does rain affect the track directly in front of the boxes?

What is the track bias for all distances?

Greyhound tendencies like fighters, rail slashers and more.

A few weeks ago I saw a greyhound at 4/5 with a minute until post. This greyhound was in the 7 box and between two fighters. The odds of this greyhouds break and rush being affected was pretty high. Meanwhile there was a nice grade dropper on the rail with mediocre lines that was being ignored by the crowd. If the favorite wasn’t sitting between two fighters then ignoring the puppy on the rail would have been smart. But not this race. The crowd favorite did get up for show with my 7/1 shot on top and a 25/1 bomb in place.

The result for me was a $660 trifecta for $1. Nice!

So the title of this article might be a little misleading. It is not only one single thing. But it’s a series of one thing’s. A little thing here and there can really add to your bottom line every month.

Have a home track. Know everything about it. Especially that “One Thing!”