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Advice On Avoiding Needless Soccer Injuries

Advice On Avoiding Needless Soccer Injuries

There are many benefits that an individual can gain from participating in a sports activity. Some of those benefits can include having fun, getting exercise, relieving stress, enjoy the outdoors, etc.

However, along with the benefits that an individual may achieve there is a downside to one’s participation in any given sport. That is why it is important that when a person is involved in a sport that they utilize the proper equipment, participate in a sport that matches the level of their physical ability and take other precautions as necessary to prevent injuries. This cautionary advice is true for any sport regardless of whether it is baseball, football, or simply throwing the ball in the park with her family

When it comes to the sport of soccer there are many preventative tips that can be utilized to prevent soccer injuries. Prevention of those specific soccer injuries surround the preparation of the body to play the game, the wearing of proper equipment and other safety precautions.

Preparation Of Body

Prior to playing the game of soccer it is important that the body is properly prepared. This preparation includes a number of fitness steps that should be taken before going out onto the field of play. Obviously, the first step in the prevention or reduction of soccer injuries is to increase stamina. This increase in stamina is continually achieved through exercise and playing the game of soccer on a regular basis.

In addition, before taking the field the body should be prepared through the performance of a number of warm-up exercises. These warm-up exercises not only increase the blood flow to the muscles, but stretch the ligaments and tendons that hold the bones and muscles together. Therefore, it is recommended that calisthenics such as jumping jacks, stationary running or walking in place be conducted for a period of three to five minutes. These warm-up exercises should be followed by slowly and gently stretching the muscles to “loosen” them and thus prevent muscle strains.

Proper Equipment

Another critical way to avoid soccer injuries is through the wearing of proper equipment. Therefore, it is important to wear shin guards and the proper shoes. Shin guards are those pieces of soccer equipment that help to protect the lower legs. Often soccer injuries, because of kicking the ball, are received when another player kicks the ball which may result in kicking another player. Wearing shin guards will help to protect the lower part of the soccer player’s legs from serious injury. In addition, it is important to wear the right shoes. These shoes should have cleats or other type of grasping action that will maintain the players contact with the ground.

Other Safety Precautions

In addition, there are other practical safety measures that can be taken to prevent soccer injuries. Those common sense items include playing on a soccer field that is free from obstructions. Those obstructions can include large rocks or large holes that may cause damage to the lower extremities. Also, it is important to properly pad the goal posts in the goal area in the event that there is a collision between the players and the goal posts.