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Being in the Zone

Being in the Zone

“Are you “Gellin?” asks the Dr Scholl’s ad. The viewers are treated to images of actors smiling, dancing and “feeling crazy good”. It’s a feeling being portrayed and athletes call it “being in the zone”. Are you? More importantly is your group? Or do you have a herd of cats in your business?

Remember the summer of the 1969 Mets? They were “gellin”! That was their summer; they owned it and everyone in the USA could feel it! Then there were the Boston Celtics in the 70’s – they owned basketball and everyone in the USA knew it. Then the US Olympic Hockey team in the 80’s, the Dallas Cowboys dynasty in the 90’s, and the Chicago Bull’s in the 90’s. Great teams that still today give us much to strive for.

Movies like Miracle, Remember the Titans, We are Marshall, and Facing the Giants give a taste of what it means to be a winning “Team”. They all contain scenes of “the moment” when the Team “gells”, when they become a TEAM and when they absolutely know that it’s their time to win. It’s about timing, it’s about a feeling and it’s about knowing. And when those three come together the effect is electrically prompt, galvanizing, wavelike and everybody who is nearby can see it, feel it and be swept up in it.

Now some might say that it was Tom Seaver, Larry Byrd, Michael Jordan or Emmet Smith that made the team great. While that may or may not be true, each of those men has been quoted as saying it was the team that made them great. And the fact remains that for every championship series even the weakest player made millions….because they were part of a great TEAM….and their contribution, no matter how small, contributed to the team’s greatness.

There are a lot of really good network marketers that are able to recruit like crazy, and/or sell products out the wazoo and that’s a good thing. In their journey they might be able to recruit a few people like themselves…lone wolves having sparks of success, generating good incomes.

Along the way they’ll likely recruit a lot of average people who do a little bit each month…and that’s a good thing too. Many of these really good network marketers are constantly striving for that feeling of “gellin”…waiting for their moment. And waiting and waiting and waiting.

The “secret” of really GREAT network marketers is the concept of Team. The acronym is a worn out cliché and everybody knows when you have a team and when you don’t. It’s a feeling, it’s timing and it’s knowing.

The legends in our industry have attracted and built teams of like minded individuals. They help their people grow in their personal lives and become better world citizens. They welcome and lead with responsibility and accountability. Like great coaches they understand and know that every player on every play matters. They see people as what they could be versus as what they are. They have written game plans. And they believe; the more success you have, the stronger your commitment needs to be to improve. The team – and more importantly, their accomplishments are what becomes the legend.

You must start a team, an organization or a business with clearly stating what you desire to accomplish. First, see your outcome, then write it down, then take massive action. Careful preparation followed by repetition of basic skills precedes great accomplishments every time.

If it’s not written, not practiced, it’s not happening. The difference can be seen every week across America in every football game. There will be “the moment” when the quarterback gets either the deer in the headlight look, or THE LOOK.

Which do you have?