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Comcast – The Best in Entertainment and Access

Comcast – The Best in Entertainment and Access

For those of you who thought cable services were vanishing, boy have I got a news flash for you! Comcast Internet Service, who began services in 1963, have continued their exploration and development of cable services and now provide the best quality digital television entertainment services in the industry. History reveals that cable services took the world by storm several decades ago and has since grown with leaps and bounds.

The company has weathered the storm of changes and expanded their services to include high speed internet access, telephone plans and television entertainment – all in attractively bundled packages and complying to the new trend – many services being provided for one monthly price. Developing new changes in technology is an ongoing regard of company’s services, and adding high speed internet access is truly welcomed by millions subscribers. Practically all homes have computers, and it just makes it simpler for customers to have all services combined into one low monthly bill.

Internet services enable users total access to previously unavailable websites with lightning fast downloads which include music, software updates, video clips, full-length movies, and more. Streaming audio – internet radio stations – are available at the touch of your fingertips. Bonus options are included with your subscription and include CNN News clips, NASCAR race coverage, and other special broadcasts.

Phone service is another additional service and is guaranteed to be an improvement over your current service. You will get free phone features instead of additional charges for services like caller ID, speed dialing, call waiting, call forwarding, and voice mail. All local and long distance calls within the U.S. and Canada are included in one flat monthly price. Long distance charges are a thing of the past, and international rates are well below those offered by other providers.

Digital television services have never been better with the addition of an expanded channel selection – more than 275 channels – and improved signal reception. Digital signals provide exceptional quality imagery and audio – a great improvement over analog signals. Packages include local channels, sports channels, children’s entertainment, movie channels, music channels, On Demand options (similar to pay-per-view), and much more. The On-screen programming guide is a help to many as it lets you easily view and select whatever programming they want to view. It is fully integrated with your television set and provides interactive selections.