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The New Old Arcade

The New Old Arcade

If you’re older than 25 years old you probably remember the days of hanging out at the arcade, or going down to the convenience store to score that game of Pac-Man, Missile Command, or Centipede. Personally I used to spend many a quarter after mowing my weekly yards at the local convenience store playing these and other classic games. Though these days it seems that the “Arcade” is a dying institution. Replaced by these new and incredible machines, the game console. These were all started with the Atari game console many years ago. The graphics and playability was awesome for the time and something great to be able sit at home and play but they had no hope of replacing a good game at the arcade. With the new systems though; X-Box 360, PS3, and Wii, the arcade game of the past is showing it’s age. Even if you are a die hard romantic and want to drop some quarters into those classics you’re hard pressed to find any of them around.

As an answer to this there is a new fad for the old arcade that has been hitting the Internet. And it’s growing fast. The old game copyright owners are letting their programs to be released in different format, others are making up original games. It’s like the revival of the arcade days except a quarter isn’t needed to play. Free online arcade sites like freegamefactor have thousands of games from all different types of categories for anyone to play for free. The most amazing thing is you can find games that resemble the old Asteroids, Pac-Man, and Missile Command, and games that have never been seen in an arcade before. And they cater to people of all ages. There are sports games for the young and old that love football, soccer, baseball and other sports. There are dress-up games for those that enjoy dressing up dolls or to make famous people look silly. For the dudes or those that aren’t interested in dolls there are even games for changing the look of muscle cars, or like .

And if you are the creative type, here’s the opportunity for you to make your mark. These games are mostly programmed using Adobe’s Flash. Anyone can release games to the Internet for these arcades to add to their playable collection. Some people remake classic games while others are completely original and come up with some pretty awesome game concepts. Why do they do it? There are actually several reasons, one because they can, that’s always a good one, second because they release a shortened version and advertise to sell the full free playing version, and third to make a portfolio of their ability to hand in to potential future employers. So you can see the Internet is a plethora of opportunities, for those looking to take a break, the hard core arcade gamers, and the people looking to make a buck or get ahead in their career.

To put all of this in a nice little summary, no matter what your age, regardless of whether you are sitting at home in front of your computer, at the library on the computer, or you’re sitting at you desk at work, and you’re just needing to take a few minutes out of your time, or just don’t feel like being productive and want to get away for a while. There are these beautiful things online now called “Free Online Arcades” that make their money by showing an add or two, that let you come in and play to your hearts content, any game that you happen to be in the mood to play.

So take a look, see what you think, who knows you may just fall in love with some games all over again. This time for a lot cheaper.