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Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Farm to Go Online in Portugal

Europe’s Largest Floating Solar Farm to Go Online in Portugal
Tug boats pull floating solar panels into place near Portugal's Alto Rabagão dam. An even larger floating array is planned for Portugal's Alqueva dam. EDP

Tug boats pull floating photo voltaic panels into put around Portugal’s Alto Rabagão dam. An even greater floating array is planned for Portugal’s Alqueva dam. EDP

Europe’s greatest floating solar farm, an array the measurement of four soccer fields, is set to begin running in Portugal’s Alqueva reservoir in July.

The array, comprised of 12,000 panels making 7.5 gigawatt-hrs a calendar year, will be capable to meet up with the ability wants of 1,500 people, Reuters reported. Along with 2 gigawatts of lithium batteries, the array will be positioned around the Alqueva hydroelectric dam, around the Spanish border, on the major artificial lake in Europe. Floating arrays created around hydropower dams have the advantage of simply connecting to the electrical grid, with surplus photo voltaic energy available to pump drinking water into the reservoir to generate far more hydropower when needed.

The array will help Portugal limit imports of Russian fossil fuels. Portugal presently relies on Russia for all over 10 p.c of its normal gasoline. The floating solar farm will deliver ability at a third the price of a gas-fired power plant, according to Miguel Patena, a group director at EDP, Portugal’s major electrical utility, which developed the array.

“This undertaking is the most significant floating solar park in a hydro dam in Europe — it is a extremely superior benchmark,” Patena claimed.


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