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How to Write a Football Match Report

How to Write a Football Match Report

One of the functions of a center referee after the end of any game of football is the writing of the match report. This is a document that is so important to both the football authority and the referee association, because of its importance. The ability to write a good and accurate report is the hallmarks of a competent match official.

What constitutes a standard match report?

Time of kick-off
The actual time of kick-off must be clearly stated including the duration of the match. Extra time given at the end of each halves including the date of the match must also be included in the match report.

Name of both teams
Football is usually played between two teams with their own sets of players and officials. The match report usually contains the name of both the home team and the away team. The name of the home team usually comes first.

Name of venue of match
The name of the venue where the game was played must be written in the report. Matches are usually played in stadium except in cases where other facilities like school fields and training pitches of hotels and organizations are used. In any case, the name of the venue is very essential. The behavior of the fans and officials at the match venues is also included in the write-up.

Name and position of match officials
There are usually four match officials in a standard game of football. They include- the center referee, the assistant referee 1, the assistant referee 2 and the fourth official. Each of these officials has a column where their names, association, designation and signature are appended. The name of the match commissioner must be inserted in your write-up.

Substitutions, cautions and sending off
All substitutions made by both teams must be recorded on the match report. Cautions and sending off issued to either team must also be recorded. Remember to state clearly the offense committed by the player for which he was cautioned or sent off as listed in the Laws of the game.

The difference between the later and the former lies in the recording of the incident that led to the caution and sending off issued out. In documenting these incidents, consultations are made with the other match officials to ensure that reports are as accurate as possible.

Weather condition and condition of pitch
Climatic conditions can result to the cancellation of a match especially when the weather is inclement. A vivid description of the condition of the pitch and the weather condition must be included in the report.

Goals scored
The number of goals scored and the name and jersey numbers of the player who scored the goal must be well-documented. The final score between both teams and the eventual winner will also be included in the write-up.

The full report is usually submitted to the football authority responsible for organizing the game either through post or email. The standard duration for submitting such write-up is usually 48 hours after the match. It is important to note that all incidents that occurred outside the field of play must also be recorded, especially in the event of intimidation by team officials against match officials. At the end of the report, your name, referee association and signature must be appended to the report.