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Jack Follman’s All-Time OL based on NFL Success

Jack Follman’s All-Time OL based on NFL Success

Posted on June 3, 2022

  By Jack Follman, SportsPac12

Our ranking of the best players by position from current Pac-12 schools based on NFL success marches on and goes up front to the offensive line.

Some of the greatest offensive linemen to ever play in the NFL came out of the Pac-12 and for a conference that sometimes gets labeled as a finesse conference out West, the offensive lineman group is actually much stronger than the wide receiver group.

So who are the greatest offensive linemen ever from the Pac-12, based on NFL success?

Anthony Munoz | Getty Images

1. Anthony Munoz, USC

The former Trojan is considered by many to be the best offensive lineman in NFL history and he has more than 10 All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors.

One of the greatest football players ever at any position.

Bruce Matthews | Houston Oilers

2. Bruce Matthews, USC

Matthews made a staggering 14 Pro Bowls and is one of the greatest interior linemen in NFL history. A Hall of Famer, he impressively started his NFL career in the early 80s and didn’t retire until 2001.

Randall McDaniel | Associated Press

3. Randall McDaniel, Arizona State

McDaniel made just under 10 first-team All-Pro teams in his Hall of Fame career and also made 12 Pro Bowls. He’s one of the greatest Vikings of all time and one of the greatest players at any position in the league from the 90s.

Mel Hein | giants.com

4. Mel Hein, Washington State

Hein was a very early football star in the 30s and 40s and won an MVP as a center. A Hall of Famer, one of the greatest offensive linemen of all time, and an eight-time All-Pro honoree.

Jonathan Ogden | Denver Post

5. Jonathan Ogden, UCLA

One of the greatest linemen in NFL history and one of the biggest physical freaks in football history. He also has 10-plus All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors and is a Hall of Famer.

Ron Yary | Minnesota Vikings

6. Ron Yary, USC

Another Hall of Famer with a crazy long, stellar NFL career. He entered the league in the late-60s and was still playing in the 80s. He won a Super Bowl and earned nearly 10 All-Pro honors. Another greatest Viking of all time.

Gary Zimmerman | Allen Kee/Getty Images

7. Gary Zimmerman, Oregon

Apparently, the Vikings are a factory for Hall of Fame, great Pac-12 alum linemen. Zimmerman made almost 10 All-Pro teams in his career and is an all-time great Viking and Bronco.

Tony Boselli | Big Cat Country

8. Tony Boselli, USC

The Hall of Famer and All-90s Team member was a powerhouse for the Jaguars. He made three-straight first-team All-Pro teams and was one of the best linemen in the league for years.

Tyron Smith | Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

9. Tyron Smith, USC

Smith is the best super recent Pac-12 offensive lineman in the NFL. He’s made four All-Pro teams, eight Pro Bowls, and made the 2010s Decade Team.

Turk Edwards | AP Photo/Pro Football Hall of Fame

10. Turk Edwards, Washington State

Another early football star from WSU. He was an All-Decade Team member for the 30s, won a championship, and had numerous All-Pro honors, making him a Hall of Famer.

11. Ron Mix, USC
12. Alex Mack, Cal
13. David Bakhtiari, Colorado
14. Olin Kreutz, Washington
15. David DeCastro, Stanford

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