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The Beautiful Sport!

The Beautiful Sport!

‘This time in Africa’! 6 billions of them, the population of the world, almost all of them went Waka Waka in the year 2010 with the world cup football tournament which was never so full-size and yet as always seemed to be time and again.

Football craziness is a global phenomenon and they try to make it even bigger by integrating it with streamlined broadcasting lines and viral news feeds. Over the top of all it is the internet segment which makes it bigger than ever with it’s over the board competent services and concepts.

Football was never as integral part of human living proposition as it went with the internet explosion and became so accessible and redeemable with the technological virtues of internet.

It made all of them, also the one who were not that addicted to the sport to integrate with soccer in different ways possible and buy the idea of virtual gaming sportingly.

Eminently furnishing the lines of ‘Fantasy football’, the concept that grew and develop with the rules way back in 1962 was the idea that bought along beaming shaft of excitement in the world of football lovers seamlessly with the integrations of internet technology.

Fantasy Football went professional from its elementary level to national swirl in 1989 when over 100,000 participants competed in the Pigskin Playoff tournament.

Fantasy football is a virtually conceptualized interactive competition in which people manage football players in a competition against one another. It is more of a pseudo football tournament which is equipped with the soccer sport norms and established to let people perform various football events and activities like drafting, trading, adding or dropping players, and changing rosters etc.

With the integration of internet it has become far more compliant with the formats and far easier to approach which makes it wider phenomena and accessible throughout the world.

Another prominent facet to the sport comes from the virtual reality games and video games which act as the catalyst to significantly influence world with the charm that this sport holds.

Kicks, dives, saves, headers, dibbling and handling, getting ruled out and facing tackles and threats of penalties and raptures of winning the matches… all the charming essence of the sport has been delivered most dynamically and in the high definition format with the new era gaming technology and internet communication system it is viably available in proximities of all.

To me, every 4 year held world cup football tournament is actually just a piece of reverence that the entire globe dedicates for the celebration of this entire phenomenon which seamlessly became a part of our lives instilling the electrifying moments of the beautiful game in our veins.

With even more profound proponents of technology and concepts like internet gaming and fantasy football the monster sport is and will always be in the religious and rebellious books of its beautiful fans throughout the world.