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The Oxygen Channel

The Oxygen Channel

The Oxygen Channel was once something of a dowdy, square affair, catering to women who watched Oprah. Now they have re-launched with the aim of attracting the young and the hip. To that end, they’ve got a whole new slew of reality programs. They changed their slogan to ‘live out loud’ and their logo features a big, bright yellow O. It’s definitely catchy. You can now watch celebrities and models getting real. There’s a true crime show. There’s a show about celebrity meltdowns, all in glorious HD. Seriously, this channel is set to knock your socks off with its flippant charm and ironic indulgences.

Janice and Abbey: This show is about legendary and infamous model Janice Dickinson and Abbey Clancy, a runner up in Britain’s Next Top Model. The docudrama follows the duo as they try to launch Abbey’s career. She wants to hit the international stage and Janice plays her mentor/coach. The two personalities clash and crash as if they were playing on some major sports field, but it’s all entertaining. This show is not to be missed on your HD TV.

Coolio Rules: Here we watch Coolio and family as they all deal with living as a semi-famous family. Coolio’s children have to deal with typical highschool problems-boys, homework, and classmates. Coolio has to deal with his wife. It’s classic reality TV entertainment.

Talk Sex: Sue Johanson talks about sex. Even though she may be a granny she knows all about sex. In fact, Sue is a renowned sex educator. You can call into her show and ask her anything, all courtesy of satellite TV. You will get frank, non-judgmental information-what’s to lose?

Captured: This TV series deals with true crimes. Watch and you’ll be impressed by the harrowing stories you see here. Captured put women at the center of each show., whether it be an unexplained disappearance, a violent, cold blooded murder or an assault. The cases will fascinate and inspire you.

Tori and Dean: Tory Spelling of 90210 fame and her hubbie Dean McDermott star in this reality TV show. They have returned to Hollywood and must balance their family life will trying to survive in Tinseltown. Watch as they buy their first house, celebrate their child’s first birthday and have another child.

Deion and Pilar: Primetime Love: Deion is an NFL sports superstar(you can catch the best of his games on the NFL Sunday Ticket) and Pilar is his former model wife. The two have five children whom they are trying to raise in the small town of Prosper, Texas. Pilar starts a modeling business while Deion has to grapple with his own post-sports life.

Bad Girls Club: Yet another reality TV show from the producers of the Real World, Bad Girls gives you an inside look at seven self proclaimed bad girls who all live in a LA mansion. They each have their own personal battles and unique attitudes-so personalities do clash. Watch as they struggle to live together.