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The Schmo- the journalist’s personal brand – Ash’s Sports Talk

The Schmo- the journalist’s personal brand – Ash’s Sports Talk

The Schmo, formally recognised as Dave Schmulenson, as he describes is ‘a much-wanted breath of clean air in sports journalism’. David has interviewed many massive-scale sports personalities, together with Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Dana White and more. David formed ‘The Schmo’ as a new character in athletics journalism, predominantly concentrating on MMA. He is effectively recognised to get the athlete’s position across by injecting humour with self-deprecation, a exclusive reporting style that is proven to be eye-catching. This blog site will find Schmo’s journalistic flair in additional depth, initiatives he’s utilising to develop his personalized model, and how he engages with his viewers.


The Schmo- the journalist’s personal brand – Ash’s Sports Talk

The Schmo has a lively persona already, from what we can see. With the vibrant orange tint in his shades, the classy looking satisfies along with his activity & comedy technique to journalism. Which is more than enough to give off an eye-catching impression for sports activities enthusiasts looking at a journalist for the initially time. 

He’s included these property into his branding colour strategies which you can see as a result of his social channels (InstagramTwitter, and YouTube). In accordance to Pickney Marketing, colour raises brand recognition by 80% for that reason, it is vital to get it proper to sustain consumer attention. 

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=AGmy0dk33B4

Even on his YouTube channel, he’ll have his topic tune catchphrase (it’s the Schmo with the professional) together with talking in a self-deprecating but humorous tone. 

The way Schmo offers himself can help him gain a humanistic response from the athlete he’s interviewing. It is widespread in significant-scale sports this kind of as football, American football, basketball and so forth. When athletes show up at push conferences and media outlets, they do not showcase their legitimate selves because of to how delicate their profile is. Schmo’s journalism design and style has created viral moments among the MMA neighborhood, which include an interview with middleweight Darren Till five months back, which adds far more traction to the US journalist’s profile. 

These are 3 rules future journalists must consider when setting up an audience to solidify your group, build your title in the market and stand out to other reporters. 

The Schmozone


The Schmo is married to fellow athletics reporter Helen Yee. With each other, they’ve produced a podcast named ‘the Schmozone’. They each interview athletes, predominantly personalities throughout the MMA planet and examine matters this kind of as coaching regimes, feelings on other fighters together with new occasions involving them. 

Generally, when partners collaborate on content material jointly, it is powerful to establish an viewers. For instance, social media individuality Mike Majlak and grownup film star Lana Rhoades employed to be a pair, and Mike normally developed vlogs of them jointly. They finished staying some of his highest seen films on YouTube. 

The Schmozone does have a twist. When interviewing his friends, the Schmo reverts to his normal self, David Schmulenson. 

Extended-variety podcasts for David are advantageous for a lot of reasons. They clearly show a different aspect to David, and when your audience begins to develop, your followers develop an hunger to see your material evolve. It helps make perception for David to host a long-type podcast to capture extra information from his friends alternatively than catching them for a brief chat through a weigh-in, media day and many others. 


Schmo also has a couple items of products accessible on his web site. Facial area masks, bomber jackets and t-shirts are offered for his supporters to buy. 

There are rarely any affiliated inbound links directing buyers to his on the web store on his YouTube videos and social channels. That’s probable because it’s not his core merchandise, and he needs to make much more recognition and engagement by his journalism. 

I’m absolutely sure at the time he carries on to broaden his audience, he’ll look at growing his goods, probably which includes collectable Schmo sunglasses, as it’s appearing as a common model item for him. 

So, what have we learnt about the Schmo’s private model? 

– Acquire your time determining pertinent colour techniques when establishing your own brand. 

– As your viewers will increase, think about techniques you can portray your capabilities via unique avenues. 

– Identify procedures to really encourage humanistic reactions from your interviewees.