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Improve Vertical Jumps At Least Ten Inches, Guaranteed

Improve Vertical Jumps At Least Ten Inches, Guaranteed

At 5’7″ tall, when retired NBA basketball pro Spud Webb was drafted during the fourth round in 1985 people were amazed that someone of such seemingly diminutive stature could actually play with the big boys. A year later, when he won the coveted NBA Slam Dunk Contest, he became the first man below six feet tall to ever win the event. Someone desiring to improve vertical jumps on the basketball court could probably learn a thing or two from this amazing athlete.

One might be inclined to think Webb had some unique ability not able to be duplicated by another. In fact, twenty years after winning the slam dunk championship he trained another relatively short pro ball player, Nate Robinson from the N. Y. Knicks, to do the same.

Robinson, who stands 5’9″ tall and Webb, at 5’7″ are the only sub-six footers to have ever claimed this honor. These are two guys who know how to jump to full capability. So what’s their secret?

The fact is vertical jumping, like most things in life, is a learned skill. Almost anyone willing to go through the proper training has the wherewithal to improve significantly in this area. There’s a book out called, “The Jump Manual”, which has not only shown thousands how to do it but also guarantees to show you too.

From Junior High School B-ballers to professional volleyball and basketball players, The Jump Manual has trained those willing to follow its doctrine faithfully to increase vertical height to as much as fifty inches and beyond. It’s unlike any other resource available and has been featured on ESPN, in Fadeaway (the UK’s most popular basketball magazine) and in Men’s Health Magazine.

Check out the website and find out why your jumping ability may have plateaued out and what you can do to improve vertical jumps quickly and safely. The program guarantees to add a minimum of ten inches to your vertical jump. Get ready to fly.